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[About Bethany of Dancing with the Stars dancing to Shake It Off]

I write lots of songs about my feelings and I have a lot of feelings and so by you being here tonight, all 13,500 of you have opted in to hearing me sing songs about my feelings for the next two hours so thank you for that!

If anyone’s wondering, yes I’m in Vegas. Yes, it’s 10:48pm. Yes, I can hear the pulsating beats resonating from several clubs within earshot. Yes, I’ve chosen to spend my evening looking at photos of autumnal windows on Tumblr. Yes, I am proud. - taylorswift

iHeartRadio Music Festival 2012

2012 - 2014


taylorswift at the IHeartRadio Music Festival - 9/19/2014

iHeartRadio Music Festival 2012 → 2014

Taylor participated in Alicia Keys’ #WeAreHere movement! Learn more about it here

When you walk out onstage in front of 65,000 people, it can bring you to tears. If you really take it in at the end of a song and you hear that many people screaming, it will make you cry.” - Taylor Swift